That's right. We should all thank God for it. Not because it is good for people (it's horrible), but because it is an opportunity. A huge opportunity. One where we've already begun to see the fruits.

Every attack on Christianity — every attack on Truth — is an opportunity.

It's an opportunity to respond with Love. It's an opportunity to point out error and to teach Truth. It's a chance to talk about something that would never have been a part of the conversation. It's a chance to become holier than we were when we woke up this morning.

Think about how many more people are learning not to take for granted our religious freedoms. And learning the dangers and risks of giving too much power to amoral governments. What a good reminder that tyranny is not only an ancient ancestor to freedom, but a potential step-child. That "freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction."

What a chance to test our faith and to therefore grow in it. It's easy to believe in things that go unchallenged, but Grace abounds when our faith is put to the test. Like iron in fire, we come out stronger than before.

And through the whole ordeal, how many more Catholics have been reminded that things like sterilization and contraception (and abortion, of course) are not (like for real, for real) compatible with our Catholic Faith? And have, hopefully, learned a little bit more about why we believe that (If they haven't, then we've wasted this opportunity).

And look at how many bishops, who might not have otherwise spoken up, made public statements clearly condemning such abuses of religious freedom and the Administration committing them. This is a chance for (a little) more unity in a pretty divided Body of Christ. A chance to teach. A chance to grow in personal holiness. A chance to love.

We are not really victims here. We have already won. We are witnesses with a great opportunity. Let's not waste it.