This is one of the sweetest ideas I’ve come across in a little while. The project is called The concept is simple.

Seth DeMoor is riding his bike from Florida to Colorado. Only this is no ordinary bike ride. This is a pilgrimage. And this is no ordinary pilgrimage. Seth is using new media to do it in a unique way that has never been done quite like this.

Ya see, this isn’t just about his story. It’s about the One Billion Catholic stories - of the one billion Catholics - presently living, breathing and walking about this giant rock. As Seth rides along, everywhere he goes he is capturing the Catholic stories he meets along the way on video. You can be a part of this adventurous and ambitious pilgrimage because it’s all on his website. Every day you can hear more true stories told by the everyday Catholics he meets along the way.

3 things I love about this idea:

1) People love stories. Rational explanations of the faith are wonderful. But what most often moves people and brings about real conversion are stories - especially true stories. One of the greatest treasures of our Church are its billions of true stories. It’s the real, “Reality TV.”

2) It’s simple. People like simple ideas. Seth is riding his bike across the country and capturing the Catholic stories he meets along the way. There is no smoke. No mirrors. No tricks. No complex ideas. It takes minimal resources. That’s the great thing about sharing the Truth with people. It’s the best subject matter in the world. It usually doesn’t require any bells and whistles. Just the honest, genuine, good stuff.

3) It’s a great example of how to use new media technology in the new evangelization. How could you do something similar in your life? For your organization? At your parish? For our Church? Think outside of the box. The possibilities and applications are endless.

Here is one of the quick intro videos of Seth (below). I encourage you to support and join him (virtually and spiritually) on his pilgrimage. Great work, Seth!


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