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Whither Poland?

Marian Krzaklewski (kuh-zak-LEV-ski), today's heir to Lech Walesa as Poland's Solidarity leader, brings great vigor—and pro-Catholic sentiment—to Poland's government, according to a New York Times profile (Sept. 23).

During President Clinton's July visit to the country, Krzaklewski refused to attend a state dinner in his honor.

“He would never, he said, cross the threshold of a presidential palace while afor-mer communist like President Alexander Kwasniewski was the inhabitant,” a Western diplomat recalled his saying.

“Now, Krzaklewski, who rebuilt the Solidarity coalition, which unexpectedly routed the former communists in Poland's [recent] parliamentary elections, has a government to build, a task that will be difficult. …

“He believes that the Roman Catholic Church should be allowed a prominent place in Polish society. The top item in his 21-point agenda for Poland is a ‘pro-family, social policy to help mothers with young children. …’”

The article, by Jane Perlez, also notes that voters from several demographic groups voted for Solidarity in the recent election—including women, who some thought would balk at Solidarity's pro-life stance.

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