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Christ's Divinity Defended in Australia

A Catholic priest in Australia has recently earned censure from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald (March 11).

As a result, said the report, Melbourne Archbishop George Pell released a statement announcing that a book by Father Michael Morwood is not to be used or “displayed, sold, or distributed” in any of his diocese's churches. The statement also announces that Father Morwood is prohibited from speaking publicly on issues of Incarnation, Redemption, or the Trinity.

According to the bishop, the book, Tomorrow's Catholic: God and Jesus in a New Millennium repeatedly advances heretical propositions about the nature of Jesus as God and man, the paper reported.

Father Morwood defended himself by saying that his book was not meant for children and that the censure has damaged his integrity, according to the report. His critics will likely agree with him on both counts.