U.S. House Reaffirms 'In God We Trust'

The resolution, passed by a vote of 396 to 9, encourages the motto's public display 'in all public buildings, public schools and other government institutions.'

(photo: Shutterstock)

WASHINGTON (EWTN News)—The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a resolution reaffirming the United States’ official motto: “In God We Trust.”

The non-binding resolution, introduced by Rep. J. Randy Forbes, R-Va., passed by a vote of 396 to 9. It encourages the motto’s public display “in all public buildings, public schools and other government institutions.”

“Today, as in other times of division and difficulty in our nation’s history, the House of Representatives again reaffirmed ‘In God We Trust’ as our official motto and, in so doing, provided clarity amidst a cloud of confusion about our nation’s spiritual heritage and offered inspiration to an American people that face challenges of historic proportion,” Forbes said Nov. 1.

The resolution said the sentiment behind the motto has been “an integral part” of American society since the United States’ founding. In times of national challenge or tragedy, it said, “the people of the United States have turned to God as their source for sustenance, protection, wisdom, strength and direction.”

Forbes, founder and co-chairman of the bipartisan Congressional Prayer Caucus, said there has been “a growing, disturbing pattern of inaccuracy and omissions regarding the motto.”

Forbes’ office cited President Barack Obama’s November 2010 speech in which he incorrectly said that “E pluribus unum” was the national motto.

Another example cited as part of the pattern is the half-billion-dollar Capitol Visitor Center, which “sanitized” the Capitol Building of any references to the national motto. In its replica of the House Chamber, it replaced the inscription of “In God We Trust” above the Speaker’s Rostrum with stars. It also cropped an actual picture of the chamber so the national motto could not be seen.

Despite the massive support for the resolution, President Obama criticized it in a Nov. 2 speech advocating the passage of jobs legislation.

“I trust in God, but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work,” he said. He suggested that the legislation and other actions by House Speaker John Boehner is “not putting people back to work.”