Troubling News a Parish Priest Learned from Children in Confession, The Gospel of Me and Much More!

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Troubling News a Parish Priest Learned from Kids in the Confessional by Father Anthony Gerber of Aleteia∝ -

Eight Major Studies of Identical Twins Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic – Fr. Z’s Blog

Christ Is the Best Math Teacher Ever – Gabriel Garnica, Catholic Stand

No Freedom Without Faith, Says Archbishop Chaput - Mark Stricherz, Aleteia∝

The Indomitable and Effective Cardinal Pell - George Weigel, First Things

Will Bishop Bootkoski Side with Hollywood Values or a Theology Teacher? – Mark Stricherz, Aleteia∝

Dissent Trumps Faith in New ‘Catholic’ L. G. B. T. Film – Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine

Some Homosexually Active Cardinals May Fear Blackmail – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

The Dangers of Living in a Catholic Bubble – David Mills, Aleteia∝

New Evangelization and Domestic Church, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Their Connection – David Clayton, By Way of Beauty

Joel Osteen’s ‘Gospel of Me’ – Matthew Becklo, Aleteia∝

Pope Francis’s Unconvincing Arguments Against the Death Penalty – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

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