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The National Catholic Register is partnering with Catholic World Mission in an effort to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina spiritually and physically rebuild their lives. Many of those most affected by Katrina were already among the poorest in our country. Catholic World Mission has been on the ground in the aftermath of other hurricanes, earthquakes and mudslides. Their expertise can rebuild the lives and transform the futures of families on the Gulf Coast.

Families affected by Katrina have lost almost everything. Immediately after the hurricane, the police agreed to escort two Legionary of Christ priests into the Houston Astrodome to pray, hear confessions and comfort survivors. Catholic World Mission is sending more Legionary priests to affected area.

Catholic World Mission funds have also gone to Dominican Father Justin Kauchak, of St. Joseph's Parish, 30 miles outside of New Orleans. Displaced families want to enroll their children in the only Catholic school open for miles.

“We sent them money to help them absorb their students,” explained Catholic World Mission's Ken Davison. “We're also looking at supplying them textbooks.” Circle Media, which publishes the National Catholic Register, is providing Catholic textbooks at a vastly discounted rate.

Secular organizations will never offer the kind of support Catholic World Mission does — enabling displaced priests to restart their ministries and providing authentic Catholic textbooks to strapped schools.

By partnering with other Catholic organizations, Catholic World Mission is able to make their efforts more effective, more efficient and more rapid. Catholic World Mission has funded a special mission from young volunteers with Youth for the Third Millennium, who provide the one-on-one human touch that cannot come from a check or material gifts.

One hundred percent of money donated to Catholic World Mission's relief effort will go directly to support fully-Catholic efforts on the Gulf Coast. Donations to Catholic World Mission are tax deductible. The tragedy is enormous and the need is great.

Legionary Father Patrick Murphy told Tim Drake about one encounter he had with an evacuee at a Lafayette, La., evacuation center.

“This man had received a call from St. Bernard County that morning,” said Father Murphy. “They found his wife and two girls dead. Before they died they had written him a note that the caller had read to the man. His wife had said, ‘I love you and want you to get married again.’ The girls had said, ‘Daddy, please name your future children after us.’ He broke down crying and told me, ‘God has a reason.’ As he sat on his mattress he told me, ‘You don't know how much it means to me just to have you here.’ All I could do was listen to him, be there for him, and pray with him.”

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