'Priests Online' Series

A Register experts forum.

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“Priests should use the Internet to evangelize more.” That’s what Pope Benedict’s 2010 World Communications Day message says. “But how?” That’s the question many priests have. The Register asked some experts in February 2010.

Part 1: Broadcasting and Narrowcasting the Gospel  Father Dwight Longenecker
Sometimes “preaching to the choir” is part of our mission too, but the fruits will surprise you.

Part 2: Getting Online? Get Help!  Father Leo Patalinghug
The key to a vibrant online ministry isn’t technical savvy, but knowing who to count on for help.

Part 3: Are Priests Afraid of Facebook?  Father Jose de Jesus Palacios
Why aren’t more priests active on social networking sites?

Part 4: Social Media Evangelization: 18 Ways  Ana Roca Castro
The horizons for new media evangelization are limitless. This should get you started.

Part 5: ‘Get Rid of the Website: Advice to Ignore  Father Len Plazewski
Keep the website, but get on Facebook too: vocation recruiting in 2010.

Part 6: ‘Men in Black’ Belong in the Combox   Deacon John Burns
Being a part of online conversations is key to priestly presence on the Internet.

Part 7:Turn to the Spiritual Masters to Overcome Internet Superficiality  Father Robert Barron
The Gospel cannot be reduced to a sound bite. So how can we get it across?