Pope Benedict XVI: A Legacy of Truth in Love

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Bearing Christ, Engaging the World
Benedict brought Christ-centered faith to a man-centered culture.
By Joan Frawley Desmond


He Fed Us With His Words
Pope Benedict XVI wrote to the world as a friend.
By Father Peter John Cameron


Calming the Storm of Vatican II
The fact that Benedict chose to tackle this topic in one of his final addresses, when we are all paying attention, indicates the great importance of this issue.
By Pia de Solenni


Professor Pope
What Father Ratzinger taught graduate student Father Joseph Fessio.
By Joan Frawley Desmond


Benedict’s Men: U.S. Vocations Rise
The Pope took a personal interest in vocations.
By Peter Jesserer Smith


Rich Course in Priestly Formation
He led not by mandate but by example.
By Father Roger Landry


Anglican Ordinariates: Ecumenism in Action
Examining the Pope’s personal investment in the foundation of the ordinariates that are accommodating former Anglicans who come into the Catholic Church.
By James Kelly


Benedict, Profound Liturgist
Pope Benedict has been an example to us all of true fatherhood — giving us guidance and encouragement, knowledge and strength to live our Catholic faith.
By Helen Hull Hitchcock


Pope Benedict’s ‘Years’
Special years Benedict XVI called for to help the Church grow in faith and holiness.
By Jimmy Akin


Gentle Shepherd Inspires the Nation
Benedict encouraged America to live for ‘Christ, Our Hope.’
By Peter Jesserer Smith