Mass Start Times that Warrant Attention, Things to Mention When Bringing a Friend to Mass and More!

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Mass-Start Times that Warrants Attention by Dr. Ed Peters of In the Light of the Law -

Mary the Spouse of the Holy Spirit: Blasphemy or Biblical? – Dave Armstrong, Seton Magazine

Seven Things to Mention When Bringing a Friend to Mass – Lucy East, Epic Pew

The New College Counterculture: The Chaste Faith – Ryan Shinkel, First Things

A Servant’s Heart – J. R. Baldwin, Ignitum Today

The Gift of the Atheists – Genevieve Kineke, Catholic Lane

U. S. Debates Torture Report While Young Christian Children Beheaded – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Fifteen Myths About Catholic Annulments – Benedict Nguyen, Regina Magazine

Whose Gender? Which Identity? – Carl R. Trueman, First Things

Why the Culture War Is Unavoidable – James Kalb, Crisis Magazine

Beware the Red Kettle (U. K.): The Salvation Army and Abortion - Birgit Jones, Catholic Stand

Strategies for Overcoming Pornography Addiction – Mark S. Latkovic STD, Truth and Charity Forum

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