Dr. Evelyn Birge Vitz

Personal: Born 1941, in Indianapolis, Ind., as the child of a Protestant family. Married to fellow NYU professor and psychologist, Dr. Paul Vitz, with whom she converted to Catholicism in 1979; mother of six children.

Accomplishments: Published in English and French on a variety of topics, ranging from Medieval Narrative and Modern Narratology (New York University Press, 1989) to A Continual Feast, a scholarly cookbook, published by Ignatius Press, which is centered around the observance of the liturgical year. Speaks widely on topics such as Christianity, family life, and gender. Contributing edit or at Crisis magazine. Her latest book, Orality And Performance In Early French Romance, is appearing in December of 1998; she is currently at work on a book concerning the influence of the liturgy on medieval literature.