BuzzFeed, Cardinal Burke, and Calumny; It Ain't About the Football and Much More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

BuzzFeed, Cardinal Burke, and Calumny via Fr. Z’s Blog -

Seven Confessions of a Catholic Blogger – John Clark, Seton Magazine

It Ain’t About the Football – Autumn Jones, Catholic Stand

When Souls in Purgatory Return from the Dead – Susan E. Wills, Aleteia∝

Politics Without Faith: An American Nightmare – Mountain Catholic

Prayer, Science, and the Existence of God - Trent Horn, Catholic Answers

The History of Same-Sex Unions: A Runaway Jury? – Carl R. Trueman, First Things

Death with Dignity? According to Whom? - Judie Brown, Catholic Lane

The Persecuted Christians, Who’s Next? - Father Robert McTeigues SJ, Aleteia∝

What Is Culture War? – James Kalb, The Catholic World Report

If You Care About The Poor, Care About Marriage – Mollie Hemingway

Boys, Pornography, and Education – Sean Fitzpatrick, Crisis Magazine

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In Advent, we await the coming of Jesus at Christmastime.

What Is Advent Anyway?

EXPLAINER: Advent is a season in the Church’s life intended to renew the experience of waiting and longing for the Messiah.