What to Bring to Campus

Suggestions for your space

Holy reminders
Holy reminders (photo: Unsplash)

Catholic Things

❍ crucifix for above your bed 

❍ rosary

❍ Bible

❍ prayer journal 

❍ nightstand to set up for a prayer corner in your room (for your Bible and journal, a candle, devotionals, saint statue, etc.)

❍ your favorite saint or Jesus image to hang on the wall 

❍ a veil (if you wear one)


Practical Things 

❍ organizational bins 

❍ planner

❍ steamer for clothes

❍ shower caddy

❍ extra pairs of sheets

❍ air fresheners if your dorm does not allow candles 

❍ cozy blankets and throw pillows 

❍ lamp

❍ storage bins for under your bed 

❍ a plant (or several)

❍ your favorite hobbies (books, 

 paint supplies, guitar, etc.!)