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Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting (Matt Damon), a highly intelligent 20-year-old, can solve the most complex mathematical problems. Despite his intelligence, his troubled background and street-smart ways continually get him into trouble with the law. While on parole he spends his days working as a cleaner in a school and his nights drinking and hanging out with his buddies Chuckie (Ben Affleck), Morgan (Casey Affleck), and Billy (Cole Hauser). He tries to impress Skylar (Minnie Driver), a fourth-year Harvard student. Professor Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard) at the college and therapist Sean McGuire (Robin Williams) who see the troubled young man's potential try to help him after he anonymously solves a math problem that stumped other university students. Sean works hard to get inside the young genius' head, and Skylar tries to get inside his heart. They both hope the young man will come to his full senses and realize his capabilities. An excellent movie but includes strong language, including some sex-related dialogue. (MPAA — R)

The Spanish Prisoner

Joe Ross (Campbell Scott) develops a top-secret formula that will help his company forge years ahead of any competition. He seeks the advice of lawyer friend George Lang (Ricky Jay) after he becomes afraid that his company will not properly compensate him for his efforts. Joe then meets with his boss, Klein (Ben Gazzara), while on a business trip to the Caribbean and is assured that he will be compensated. On the same trip he meets up with Jimmy Dell (Steve Martin), a wealthy businessman. The two become friends. Joe agrees to deliver a book to Jimmy's sister upon his return to New York. Joe is still worried about being compensated and talks to Jimmy who tells him that the company will probably try to take advantage of him. Sure enough, Klein and his associates then try to renegotiate his contract and Joe begins to follow Jimmy's directions on how to solve this problem. A slow-moving and at times confusing movie. (MPAA — PG)

Hard Rain

During a massive flood, armored-car guards Tom (Christian Slater) and his uncle Charlie (Ed Asner) battle a gang of robbers led by Jim (Morgan Freeman). When the gang unintentionally open fire on them, Charlie is killed. Wanting to protect the money, Tom wades through flood waters with $3 million in cash and hides it in a flooded cemetery. He then tries to hide from the bandits in a local church, but Karen (Minnie Driver), a restoration artist, thinks he's a looter and knocks him unconscious. She hands him over to the local sheriff (Randy Quaid), who becomes greedy for the money and goes after it. Meanwhile, Tom finds himself in a flooding jail cell. Karen eventually comes to his rescue and the two try to stop both sets of bad guys while also battling the rising floodwaters. A predictable but watchable movie. Contains violence. (MPAA — R)

Can't Hardly Wait

A group of students celebrates their high school graduation at a party that becomes a get-even session. Aspiring writer Preston Meyers (Ethan Embry) is madly in love with Amanda Beckett (Jennifer Love Hewitt), the nicest looking girl in school. That very day Amanda's macho boyfriend, Mike Dexter (Peter Facinellili), dumps her. Preston's close but shy friend, Denise Fleming (Lauren Ambrose), finds it hard to believe that he has never told Amanda about his feelings for her and encourages him to give Amanda the letter which has taken him the past four years to write. Meanwhile, Denise has own problems with her childhood friend, Kenny Fisher (Seth Green).

William Lichter (Charlie Korsmo), the school's bright spark, also attends the party and wants to get final revenge on Mike for years of social downgrading. Not suitable viewing for children due to crude language, teen drinking, and sexuality. (MPAA — PG-13)