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3 ‘Picks’ and 1 ‘Pass’

What are the latest DVD Picks & Passes?
What are the latest DVD Picks & Passes? (photo: Shutterstock)

Air Force One (1997)  — PICK

The Green Knight (2021) — PASS

In the Line of Fire (1993) — PICK

Romeo and Juliet (1968) — PICK

David Lowery’s last revisionistic fairy tale with a large, magical green creature — Pete’s Dragon — is an enchanting family-film delight. I have complicated thoughts about The Green Knight (now on home video), Lowery’s fascinating art-house Arthurian adaptation, but the bottom line is I can’t recommend it. (For my long-form critique — and I mean long! — go to DecentFilms.com.)

I have much simpler feelings about Franco Zeffirelli’s sumptuous, vital Romeo and Juliet (new on Blu-ray) — still a contender for the definitive screen adaptation of the Shakespeare play, among other reasons, thanks to the untrained energy of young Olivia Hussey (the Virgin Mary in Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth).

I seldom recommend DVD twofer sets, but Sony’s new Air Force One / In the Line of Fire edition is a rousing exception. Two 1990s presidential thrillers directed by Wolfgang Petersen, the films star, respectively, Harrison Ford as the U.S. president battling hijacker Gary Oldman and Clint Eastwood as an aging Secret Service agent trying to protect the president from John Malkovich’s would-be assassin.


CAVEAT SPECTATOR: Air Force One: Much graphic violence; profane, harsh and crude language. Mature viewing. Romeo and Juliet: Brief fisticuffs and swordplay; innuendo, implied sex and fleeting nudity. Teens and up. In the Line of Fire: Intermittent violence; profane, harsh and crude language. Mature viewing.


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