Good Reads for Little Ones for Holy Week and Easter


New books for kids look at prayer, the Shroud of Turin, meeting Jesus and our friends the saints.
New books for kids look at prayer, the Shroud of Turin, meeting Jesus and our friends the saints. (photo: Book covers)

The Wordless Weaver

written by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

illustrated by Caroline Baker Mazure

OSV Kids, 2021

36 pages, $16.95

Shira, a young weaver, and her brothers excitedly wait in the crowd to welcome Yeshua to Jerusalem for Passover. She aches to shout, “Hosanna,” and later at home to whisper, “Amen” to her father’s blessing. But, she cannot, for Shira cannot speak. When she learns at week’s end that the Teacher is being crucified, Shira rushes to the cross. Silent and heartbroken, there she remains and witnesses Yeshua’s body placed in the arms of his mother. A shroud is needed. Racing to and from her home, Shira returns with the white linen she has woven — a gift from her hands, but more so, a gift from her tender heart. On the day of the Resurrection, Shira herself receives a special blessing. Ages 4-8. 


Petook: The Rooster Who Met Jesus

written by Caryll Houselander

illustrated by Tomie DePaola

Ignatius, 2021

32 pages, $14.99 

Petook is a grand rooster and proud father of 12 adorable newly hatched chicks. One day a young boy visits. At first worried, Petook soon realizes he has nothing to fear from this kind, gentle boy wearing a seamless garment. He impresses Petook as a child like no other — one he will never forget. The impact of meeting the Child will remain with him until years later, when Petook witnesses the darkness of the Crucifixion and, finally, with joy, glimpses the light of the first Easter morning. A modern-day fable, the story is multilayered and full of subtle details that echo the Resurrection story, containing many images of new life. Written by Caryll Houselander, a noted 20th-century lay theologian, and illustrated by renowned folk artist Tomie dePaola, Petook has been rereleased to enchant a new generation of children. Ages 5 and up.


Our Friends in Heaven: Saints for Every Day

Vol. 1, January-June; Vol. 2, July-December

written by Daughters of St. Paul; edited by Sister Allison Gliot

illustrated by Tim Foley

Daughters of St. Paul, 2021

336 pages each, $16.95 each volume

Kids will enjoy meeting saints and saints-in-the making from every age and every part of the world.  One size does not fit all when it comes to saints! Each of these men, women and children has a unique story to tell and, often, has struggles to overcome. But overcome they do because they never give up in drawing closer to God.  Ages 9 and older.


Listening for God: Silence Practice for Little Ones 

written by Katie Warner

illustrated by Amy Rodriguez

Tan, 2021

32 pages, $16.95 

Prayerfulness requires not only learning to talk to God, but also learning to listen to him, as well.  This book invites children to do just that. Set against the backdrop of the story of Elijah, the text reminds children of the many amazing, powerful experiences the prophet had. Elijah listened for God’s voice in the loud wind, a roaring fire and a rumbling earthquake — but he didn’t hear anything. Instead, Elijah heard God’s whisper in a still and quiet moment. This engaging book encourages kids to be like Elijah. They can make noise, get excited, and then come away for a quiet moment to practice listening to the Lord who loves them and wants to speak to their hearts. Ages 2-8.

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The Crawford sisters write from Pittsburgh. 

All books are available at Amazon. See link above to purchase the new book from Raymond Arroyo via EWTN Religious Catalogue.