Campus Watch

Sometimes, Truth Hurts

THE EDMONTON JOURNAL (Alberta), March 16 — The University of Alber ta has denied Campus Pro-Life permission to erect billboards showing the graphic nature of abortion.

Bill Connor, dean of students, rejected the presentation, part of the Genocide Awareness project, because he said the posters are discriminatory and could incite contempt against women who have had abortions, the paper reported.

Campus Pro-Life president Christ Marple accused the administration of suppressing free speech. “Our goal is not to try to offend anyone,” he said. “Our goal is to tell the truth, and the truth sometimes hurts.”

Cities vs. Nonprofit Schools

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, March 16 — Spiritan-founded Duquesne University bought an apartment building for $22 million this year and converted it into student housing. The city of Pittsburgh was not pleased.

The purchase means a taxable loss for the city, and the city has decided to challenge the tax-exempt status of the residence hall. As state and federal aid to cities is being cut, cities are becoming more and more aggressive about pursuing taxes from colleges and universities, the wire service reported.

According to the Pittsburgh City Council president, approximately 40% of the property in the city is tax-exempt, costing the city about $80 million per year in property taxes.

Fine by Notre Dame?

THE SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE (Indiana), March 19 — Students at the University of Notre Dame donned bright-orange T-shirts on March 18 to show support for homosexuals on campus.

The message on the shirts read, “Gay? Fine by me.” The 1,600 students and employees who wore the shirt said they thought the university should expand its nondiscrimi-nation policy to include homosexuals and should recognize a student homosexual group.

Earlier in March the university's Office of Student Activities rejected a homosexual group's request for recognition as a student organization, leaving it unable to advertise on campus or receive student activities fees funding.

Ave Maria Moves Forward

NAPLES DAILY NEWS (Florida), March 19 — Phase 1 of Ave Maria University and town near Naples, Fla., has been approved by state growth regulators.

Despite earlier questions regarding the impact the project would have on southwest Florida, the state Department of Community Affairs on March 17 approved a preliminary development agreement for the school, which means the school no longer has to submit details about future phases of the project.

Ave Maria planners said the agreement was needed in order for the project to be completed by fall 2006.

Abortion Semantics

THE DAILY GAMECOCK (South Carolina), March 15 — Writing in the student newspaper of the University of South Carolina, student Chris Foy offered a provocative take on the semantics of abortion.

“I've always been confused on the labeling of people who are for or against abortion,” he stated. “The labels ‘pro-choice’ and ‘pro-life’ can easily be misinterpreted. I believe in the right of people to choose to have sex. I believe in the right of people to abstain from sex. … I actually do believe in choices. But I don't believe in abortions. … Perhaps it's just time to start going with a better label. One that is more fitting. Maybe one like pro-responsibility.”