Truth in the Womb: What ‘Pro-Choice’ Catholic Democrats Fail to Understand

COMMENTARY: The ‘statement of principles’ the Misguided 60 have written only goes to prove that they’re not only on the wrong side of the Catholic faith — they’re on the wrong side of history.

‘Annunciation’ (c. 1623), Orazio Gentileschi
‘Annunciation’ (c. 1623), Orazio Gentileschi (photo: Public domain)

As a mainstream journalist and former pro-choice feminist who searched most of my life for the truth and found it at last in the Person of Christ in the Catholic Church, I am deeply disturbed by the so-called “statement of principles” 60 pro-abortion Democrats have released as our bishops consider how to handle the scandal of pro-abortion politicians presenting themselves for Communion. How dare these self-proclaimed Catholic politicians attempt to redefine the faith to further their political ambitions according to their own misunderstandings of what it means to be human.

Do they not realize that Christ (God himself) came into the world as an embryo? Do they not realize the early Church Fathers from the very first centuries of Christianity condemned abortion as murder? Do they not realize when they advocate and promote the killing of the baby in the womb that they are standing in the place of Pilate (asking, “What is truth?”) and are thereby crucifying the image of Christ all over again? 

I want to tell these very misguided politicians that legalized abortion is the true “war on women,” and from the very first day abortion was inserted into the National Organization for Women’s “Bill of Rights” in 1967 by a mere 57 people, noble pro-life Christian feminists have been fighting nonstop to reverse this horrible error. 

I want to tell these deluded, self-defined Catholic politicians that Roe v. Wade, written in part by Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun (another extremely misguided Christian), is a disastrously flawed document that denies that the little baby in the womb is already an ensouled person — and that’s why this disastrous court decision continues to divide our nation. Truth unites, and what do lies do? They divide us. They rip us apart. 

I want to tell these extremely misguided, misinformed politicians that they’re trusting in and have been deceived by a reduced anthropology. Contemporary discussions of human life almost always speak of the human being in biological, sociological, economic or psychological terms. They fail to understand that the whole human person, called from nothingness into being by God, cannot be diced and sliced into pieces and is far greater than the sum of his or her parts.  

For nearly 20 years, I wrote for Cosmopolitan magazine and told lies to single young women about how “happy” we would all be if we would only have spontaneous sex outside of marriage and then abort any baby who happened to come along to ruin our fun. So I, too, am a public sinner who led many people astray, and I should not be the first one to throw stones. But (praise God!), as a Catholic convert, I have found peace and joy in repentance, and I now know that’s the only way for our nation to move forward. 

I therefore strongly urge these very misguided politicians to set aside their transient political ambitions and to embrace a higher eternal purpose, to stop trying to change Christ’s teachings, and to defend truth in the womb. This “statement of principles” the Misguided 60 have written only goes to prove that they’re not only on the wrong side of the Catholic faith — they’re on the wrong side of history, for the Lord sent his followers “into the world” to witness to the truth. And those of us who know that the Truth is a Person (and not an empty, politically expedient “idea”) will never stop fighting to defend the image of the Son of God in the womb.