This week…

We owe a lot of people thanks for their help bringing the Register to you each week — our subscribers most of all. You are the reason we exist. We also thank our contributors, especially those who sponsor a week or fund other projects. But a word of thanks should also go to our advertisers.

The Register couldn’t meet our expenses without them. Sometimes, Catholics get used to avoiding the advertisements in a publication altogether. Too often, what is advertised is useless or worse. In the Register, it’s different.

True, our advertisers are separate companies from the Register, and we haven’t exhaustively studied each advertiser’s catalogue. But we do have a strict advertising policy. Sometimes, a stray ad will get past our small staff, but you can feel confident that what is advertised in our pages will be not only unobjectionable and wholesome but also helpful for strengthening Catholic identity and building a Catholic family culture.

In a way, when you buy from our advertisers you are helping yourself and us, because the more success advertisers have from promoting their projects in our pages, the more they will turn to the Register in the future, thus ensuring the Register will be there for you. So, please do check out what these companies have to offer — for the sake of yourself and your family, and for the sake of the Register.