The Mandate and the Means


(photo: EWTN)

In these times of political, social and religious upheaval, we can be confident that God chose from the beginning of time to put us here at this point in human history.

Just as the apostles were given the mandate by Christ himself to spread the Gospel of a fledgling Church to the known world, we share in the same mission to bring the Good News of Christ to a world that has seemingly forgotten it. Our salvation history shows that God provides both the mandate and the means to accomplish his plan.

Let us not contribute to the confusion and animosity that is so pervasive today. Let us instead radiate hope in Christ to everyone.

Remember, God put us here at this time in history for a reason. Fueled by the sacraments and with the utter joy of Easter still fresh in our minds and Pentecost on the horizon, it’s time for us to do our part to detoxify the culture.

God bless you!