Seeking the Holy Spirit; Supporting School Choice; Speaking to the Men

Letters 04.21.24

Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions.
Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions. (photo:

Seeking the Holy Spirit

Thank you for Larry Chapp’s article “Doctrine Develops With Truth and Clarity” (In Depth) in the March 24-April 6 issue. I really like “the deepening of understanding is completely dependent on an antecedent stability of meaning” before change in doctrine is initiated. He develops this with strong logic and helpful examples. 

I submit that, in addition to all the considerations of those who review and revise statements of doctrine, immersing themselves in the presence of the same Holy Spirit, who was the original prompt and guide, would more surely support truth and clarity in the process. 

 Douglas W. Price

 Albuquerque, New Mexico


Supporting School Choice

I am a relatively new subscriber of the Register. I read the commentary written by Patrick Reilly about the enrollment crisis in Catholic schools (“Can We Be Frank About the Catholic School Crisis?” Education, March 10 issue). I was disappointed, however, at its end, that he failed to offer any solution to the problem. At least 11 U.S. states have new policies that began to offer a solution. They have adopted school-choice policies that give tuition money to parents who may use it to pay the cost of the child’s tuition at a school of their choice. (A Supreme Court decision recently insured that the money can be used at parochial schools.) The cost to send a child to a Catholic high school here in Connecticut is $17,000. It is the responsibility of most families to pay this, which is the real explanation of why Catholic-school attendance has been hard to maintain. 

 Mary C. Callan

 Glastonbury, Connecticut


Speak to the Men!

Regarding “Pope Francis: We Have a Duty to Help Women Accept the Gift of Life,” by Courtney Mares/CNA, March 10, While Pope Francis’ words for women are kind and necessary … every time a reference is made about a woman and the life of her child, a reference to the father of the child must also be included. It is a man’s responsibility to protect his unborn child. Speak to the men! They need to hear they will be supported as well. 

The Catholic Church is where the calling of a man’s love and responsibility for his unborn child should begin. 

 Maureen Toye 

 Washington, New Jersey