Letters 09.02.18

Readers respond to Register stories.

(photo: Register Files)

No Wiggle Room

Regarding your editorial “No Half Measures” (Aug. 19): It was the best editorial I’ve ever read about this complicated issue. It tears away any wiggle room for the American Church on the way to finally resolving this intractable issue. Well done!

Larkin Kinsella

Redmond, Washington


Cardinal Sins

How could Archbishop McCarrick have been allowed a free pass all these years, in light of all that has happened with the Church trying to come clean with the clerical sexual-abuse scandal? These are the kinds of headlines that the Church does not need at this time. For the ex-cardinal to claim no knowledge of anything inappropriate on his part only seems to make the matter worse. Maybe it is time to open the priesthood up to married men and even women.

Joseph P. Nolan

Waterbury, Connecticut


The Root of the Crisis

Your excellent editorial, “No Half Measures,” and publisher’s note, “Demon in the Room,” (Aug. 19 issue), state a topic faithful Catholics have long suspected, but would never see addressed in the media, that of homosexuality in many seminaries and chanceries. Both have become incubators and safe havens for homosexual clerics, pastors and, yes, laypeople whose aim it is to legitimize the gay lifestyle as Church doctrine. Heterosexual clergy and laypeople have been intimidated, fearing the wrath of liberal parishioners and repercussions from a gay hierarchy. Beware of any prelate who seeks to downplay the roll of these issues in the scandals. They are foxes guarding the henhouse. 

The courageous open letter Bishop Morlino sent this past weekend to his Diocese in Madison, Wisconsin (see page 2), underscores the tremendous need for hard truth, real transparency and punitive consequences. There are no vague nuanced explanations in this letter. We’re being reminded of the need for prayer, fasting and, yes, forgiveness. Your faithful readers don’t need reminding; they know this. But they also know that until a boil is lanced, the festering sore will continue to cause severe pain. 

Joanne Breen

Oceanside, California