Formidable Foes

The Register was featured on EWTN on Sept 5 — and our circulation is growing as a result.

Father Mitch Pacwa interviewed me for the show EWTN Live on the occasion of our 80th anniversary. If you would like to watch it, you can find it at (click on “Multimedia”).

I was surprised by the amount of commentary one appearance on EWTN generated. One commentator said he liked “how the Register is focusing the Church’s impact on the lay culture in America, not necessarily the inner workings of the Church and theology.”

Another portion of the interview I have heard a number of comments about was the remark that the Register tries to quote not just the Church’s opinion on an issue we cover, but the opposing viewpoint as well. After we quote this opposing viewpoint, we are sure to print the Church’s response. This gives our readers an advantage. Our stories anticipate the arguments readers will hear about a topic if they mention it to friends, family or co-workers who don’t share their faith. Then it provides them with a compelling answer.

At any rate, it was a blessing to be featured on the cable channel. After all, we have a lot in common with the network. The channel got its beginnings and grew despite enormous obstacles. From the days that Msgr. Smith faced opposition from the KKK and kept going, to today’s formidable foes of high postage and production costs, we have done the same.

I thank all the readers and donors who make this possible week to week.