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Deadly Spin

President Obama said he wants to reduce the number of "unwanted pregnancies" in America. The Register speaks to several participants in a recent White House conference call on the subject.

Abortion Referrals Questioned

Pro-lifers in Massachusetts are waiting to hear from a Catholic bioethics organization on whether Catholic participation in a proposed consortium that can administer state health-care benefits violates Catholic teaching.

Same-Sex Surrogacy Mess

The implication for the future of marriage laws in the U.S. is “frightening,” according to an attorney representing a woman fighting for custody for a daughter she had when she was in a lesbian relationship.

Bush’s Pro-Life Legacy

As President Bush prepares to leave office after eight years, many pro-life advocates give him credit for significant life-affirming gains during his presidency. But, they say, only a portion of that legacy will survive.

Marriage Defense

As Connecticut sees its first legal same-sex “marriages,” Catholic bishops and groups like Peter Wolfgang's (shown) are taking bolder steps to defend the institution.