Election Day at Last

If you’re like me, you’re grateful Election Day is here, above all, because we will finally be done with the political season.

Our coverage of the presidential race began in the first issue of 2007, when Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., a Catholic convert, announced his candidacy in our pages. Highlights included our editorial “No Deal, Rudy,” which was read verbatim on talk radio and probably helped end another candidate’s chances.

We also broke the news that, starting last year, the U.S. bishops’ Catholic Campaign for Human Development aggressively increased funding for ACORN that the partisan organization used to target swing states for a voter registration drive that heavily favored the Democratic candidate. Last summer, the bishops stopped all funding of ACORN.

We have argued, prayed and thought a lot about this election. Whatever happens, count on the Register to continue giving you the news you can’t find elsewhere about what’s truly at stake in our national debate.