‘Dear Saints …’

Publisher's Note

All Saints’ Day is upon us, as we celebrate “those who have gone before us, marked with the sign of faith.”

Suppose your pastor began his homily by addressing you as “dear saints” — what would you think about your pastor? And how would being addressed as a saint make you feel? Still, that’s how St. Paul addressed his letters: to those “called to be saints” or, more simply, to “the saints.”

Baptism makes us “a holy people” — and what is a holy people if not a communion of saints?

So many sainthood causes have been introduced recently in the U.S. that the Register was unable to cover them all in our front-page story! Some of our readers knew some of them personally, or heard them preach, or have been inspired by their writings. It’s a vivid reminder that, when all is said and done, being a saint is what finally matters. And it’s also a reminder that holiness is possible.

The continuing mission and flourishing of the Register in these difficult times is a proof to me of the holiness of so many of our readers who pray for the Register team and for the fruitfulness of our mission, which is to equip “the holy ones” to build Christ’s Kingdom in society and transform our culture.