Aids to Advent

Publisher's Note

As we begin our Advent journey that ends with the Solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord, I encourage you to make the most of this special time.

For some practical assistance in this pursuit, please find in this issue the "Register’s clip-out, photocopy and pass-on guides for Advent": "Why (and How) to Return to Sunday Mass" and "Why (and How) to Return to Confession." Included in these guides are practical steps we can take to help us grow in faith, as well as some timely quotes from the saints.

God is always calling us to a deeper relationship with him — and this time of year, more and more inactive, non-practicing Catholics are open to hearing that call. As Pope Francis has intimated, we may very well be the instrument the Holy Spirit uses to bring a friend, family member or stranger back to the sacraments.

The guides we are publishing in this and the next issue are ideal tools for reaching out to the seekers the Lord is putting in your path this season. Reading and using these guides also offers an opportunity for us to clear out our own spiritual cobwebs and to prepare our hearts to receive the Christ Child this Christmas and always.

God bless you with a fruitful Advent.