A Great Loss

On Jan. 8, the Church in America lost another great. Father Richard John Neuhaus died in New York.

Father Neuhaus was always a great friend of the Register. He provided early support during my own tenure here. We will publish much more about the life and work of this Canada-born author, editor and commentator.

He was editor in chief of First Things. He was a great leader of ecumenism. In the Church, he was capable of expressing Catholic angst regarding the bishops in a way that showed, and commanded, respect.

But Father Neuhaus was, above all, a writer. In his “While We’re At It” column, his sense of irony was superb. Unmatched. Delightful. To read him on nearly any subject was a joy.

He could wield enormous influence simply by wording things a certain way. In this issue covering Inauguration Day and March for Life day, a Neuhaus phrase used by President Bush comes to mind. “Every child should be welcomed in life and protected in law,” he said.

We pray that he will enjoy rest from his work at last, in heaven, and that the great projects of his life will continue to bear fruit.

Centennial in the West

An unexpected storm in northeastern Oregon leads a Catholic journalist to discover a century-old cathedral named for the patron saint of Catholic journalists, St. Francis de Sales.