21st-Century Passion Play: The Fight for the Unborn


(photo: Unsplash)
As we prepare to re-enter the passion, death and resurrection of Our Lord this Holy Week and Easter, it’s interesting to note that the greatest moral evil of our time is taking center stage. In the past several weeks in the United States, abortion has been front and center, and, with it, the Easter Triduum narrative is on display.

The evil can be seen in the extreme legislation adopted by New York (and being considered by other states) that advocates for the killing of unborn children at any time during a woman’s pregnancy for any reason. It can be seen in the legal battle being waged by the abortion industry against the states that dare to protect human life through a heartbeat bill, abortion limits or defunding Planned Parenthood. The evil is real, extreme, shocking and public. It’s an evil we lay at the foot of the cross — an evil for which we beg for mercy.

And yet, in recent days, we see a glimmer of hope, from the federal government’s decision to grant several million dollars to an organization dedicated to protecting the children of crisis pregnancies and not aborting them to the inspirational pro-life awareness and unexpected box-office success generated by the low-budget independent film Unplanned. People are searching for answers, and many are coming to the Truth.

As Catholics around the world prepare to celebrate the joy of Easter and the culmination of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, I pray that the United States is on its way to an Easter of its own, ordering its national consciousness to revere life.

Happy and Holy Easter!