The Collegium

The Collegium is an independent institution of higher learning that pledges full fidelity to the unchanging Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Faculty and staff are practicing Catholics who are fully supportive of the Collegium’s mission and have signed the Oath Against Modernism.

The Collegium
The Collegium (photo: The Collegium)

36 S. Potomac St., Suite 203
Hagerstown, MD 21740
(412) 913-2985

Enrollment: 30 in the first year (2021)

The Collegium Website

The Institution:

  • President’s Oath
  • Catholic Board
  • Catholic Faculty
  • Mandatum Required *
  • Theologians’ Oath

Campus Culture:

  • Mass and Confession
  • Speakers Vetted
  • Unobjectionable Clubs
  • No Coed Dorms
  • Health Services Okay

School’s Comments:

 Everyone who works for The Collegium must be a practicing Catholic and must sign the “Oath Against Modernism,” which is a form of the “Oath of Fidelity.” Even though we are committed to the unchanging truths of the Catholic Church, we are not legally affiliated with the Catholic Church. Thus our professors do not have a mandatum. We are the only four-year college specifically dedicated to serving traditional Catholics.