Why Men Should be Allowed to Voice an Opinion About Abortion

Babies have the right to life. It is the job of all men and women speak for and defend these voiceless victims.

“Keep Abortion Legal” signs are displayed during a pro-abortion rally Nov. 13, 2003, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
“Keep Abortion Legal” signs are displayed during a pro-abortion rally Nov. 13, 2003, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (photo: Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

Men are frequently told that abortion is a women’s issue and therefore they should have no opinion on the topic. This is such a silly argument — one wonders why it keeps popping up. It’s rhetoric rather than logic. It’s a lovely talking point but it has no meaning in a democracy. Here’s why:

1. Rights aren’t made up on the fly, and just because a radical feminist pretends she has authority to make up laws, moral or civil, it means less than nothing. If feminists have the right to deny freedom of conscience or of free speech to anyone then I claim the same right for myself and, indeed, for all men. I can now decide who gets to voice an opinion on abortion just like feminists claim. No one has the right to deny freedom of conscience or freedom of speech to anyone. Why would feminists think they have this right? There are no feminists anywhere or at any time who would accept this ridiculous logic if a man put the same restriction on them.

2. If radical feminists insist that there is no objective right or wrong and, in fact, abortion is “amoral,” it doesn’t matter who votes for or against abortion. They can’t have it both ways.

3. Every law in human history gives and takes away rights to do one thing or another. The law that protects consumers on house construction standards mean that contractors and architects and building supply manufactures don’t have the “right” to police themselves. They don’t have the right to cheat anyone or put humans in dangerous situations. Thus, it’s acceptable for those not intimately involved in a given idea, subject, task or event to express an opinion on the subject.

4. Yes. This is a good point. And non-Catholics have no right to decide on anything involving Catholics or the Catholic Church. Antifa has no right to voice an opinion as to supposed fascists. Non-smokers can’t decide on what smokers can and can't do. Vegetarians can’t decide on how we cook delicious, mouth-watering animals. Childless adults have no right to decide on a school’s curriculum. Non-scientists have no say in deciding what they can and cannot experiment on, including vivisection. Only motorists can decide what is and is not safe driving. Further, women shouldn’t be allowed to adopt male children for fear they will have control over their male bodies. The problem with bad logic is that if it’s accepted as correct logic, it must therefore be used in all like situations. This should give pause those who believe their feelings taken precedence over logic.

5. No matter how much they insist upon their rights to self-expression, autonomy and financial independence, human life is precious and must be safeguarded by everyone, male or female.

6. Is it suddenly against the law to have an opinion? If not, then there’s no need for radical feminists to tell men what opinions they should and shouldn’t have.

7. Barbara Streisand has insisted that the reason women vote against abortion and other conservative issues is because they always do what their husbands and boyfriends tell them to do. This may or may not be true. But we know for a fact that women who have abortions often do so because their husbands and boyfriends coerce them. Further, the reason radical feminists believe abortion is self-empowering is because they are brainwashed to think so. As you can see, anyone who doesn’t like that others disagree with them always have the illogical option to offer “conspiracy theories” in an effort to convince themselves they’re correct and, despite the evidence and that their opponents are “brainwashed.” Further, to be frank, the primary beneficiary of pro-abortion laws is the heterosexual men who abortion-shame women they’ve finagled, coerced and connived into bed. They want sex without consequence at any cost―even at the cost of a woman’s health and the death of their child. So, as abortion laws are already decided upon by men, it’s only fair that other men assist women to escape this deadly cycle by voting against abortion.

8. A 2010 Guttmacher poll found 70% of women with abusive partners report that men exert “reproductive control” over them. They reported that their partners used verbal threats, physical violence or sabotaged their birth control to force them to become pregnant and/or to abort their child. In a 2005 Guttmacher study which examined the reasons why women abort their children, 14% said a “husband or partner wants me to have an abortion.” An additional 14% said they received insufficient “support from husband or boyfriend.” Another 2% said their “husband or partner is abusive to me or my children.” Thus, instead of permissive abortion laws giving women control over their bodies, these laws actually give abusive men control over them.

9. In a similar vein, abortion is often used to cover up crimes against women and girls — especially in the case of sex trafficking. There are currently an estimated 400,000 minors involved in trafficking in the U.S. Sex trafficking generates about $40 billion a year. The abortion industry profits from these women’s misery. And, as radical feminists push New York State to legalize prostitution, sex trafficking will only become more lucrative and will necessary expand. Laura J. Lederer and Christopher A. Wetzel explained in their recent study The Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking and Their Implications for Identifying Victims in Healthcare Facilities, found that of the 66 victims of sex trafficking in their study, and 55% of them were forced to have an abortion. An additional 30% reported having had multiple abortions.

10. Men are required to fight for the rights of the disenfranchised and those who can’t fight for themselves. Babies have the right to life. Therefore, brave men are allowed to speak for these voiceless victims.

Radical feminists will have to stop this wildly illogical and ridiculous question as our government will never allow such a situation in which only one gender is allowed to vote while the other gender take a back seat. Rosa Parks didn’t stand for this type of discrimination, and neither should we.