What If Advent Feels Awful?

Catholic Spiritual Direction, a blog featuring the spiritual writings of Fr. John Bartunek, L.C. (President of Circle Media and author of The Better Part), is an excellent resource for those seeking spiritual advice and direction.

This week, Fr. Bartunek takes up a topic that is close to the heart of those who are suffering during this Advent season of hope and waiting. A reader asks:

“Advent is usually a season of hope. But what about when there is little reason for hope? When life is far from joyful, how can we experience the true joy and peace of the Advent season?  Our family has suffered many losses this year and even my children are despairing at what a bad year it has been. My husband and I are separated with little hope of reconciliation, we lost our family pets (both our dog and our cat) and have just been plagued with a series of sad events this past year. I am praying to be able to experience true joy and peace this Advent season but how can I overcome these personal sufferings? Just putting them aside for a time seems so false and futile. Any advice?”

Read Fr. Bartunek’s answer at Catholic Spiritual Direction.