Waiting for Barack

’Fess up, Sen. Obama.

The National Right to Life Committee is demanding a public apology from the Democratic presidential candidate for accusing the pro-life group in August of “lying” about his voting record regarding “born-alive” legislation.

Such legislation mandates provision of medical care for babies who survive abortions.

In an extensively documented exposé posted on the Internet in mid-August, the pro-life group reported that Obama had torpedoed a born-alive bill while serving as an Illinois state senator in 2003.

Obama has claimed since 2004 he would have supported the Illinois bill had it contained the same language as a federal born-alive law, which specifies the law has no impact on abortion rights.

But National Right to Life disclosed that Obama, while presiding over a March 2003 committee considering the state bill, had voted in favor of inserting identical language into the bill.

Then, with the federal language now included, he voted immediately afterward with a committee majority to kill the amended bill.

After Obama charged Aug. 16 that National Right to Life was “lying” about what it had reported, his campaign admitted the next day Obama voted in 2003 against a bill identical to the federal one.

But with no apology from Obama himself nearly two months later — and with the pro-life organization’s findings verified by FactCheck.org — National Right to Life has posted a video ad about the matter on YouTube.

The video concludes, “Barack Obama: Change We Can’t Believe In.”

— Tom McFeely