VIDEO: “A Satanic Black Cloud Ran Through These Towns and Villages”

Founder of charity helping persecuted Christians reflects on a visit last week to some of the liberated towns and villages in northern Iraq.

A street close to the entrance of Karemlash.
A street close to the entrance of Karemlash. (photo: Edward Pentin/

Father Benedict Kiely, founder of, recalls the devastation he encountered on a March 18th trip to the Iraqi Christian towns of Karemlash and Qaraqosh, liberated from ISIS in October 2016, and what the prospects are for the Christians who lived there. has been behind promoting the use of the arabic letter for "N"( ن ) to refer to persecuted Christians and be a sign of solidarity with them. 

The symbol, the first letter of the word "Nasrani" or "Nasarean/Nazarene" — the Muslim word of contempt for Christians — was painted on the houses of Christians to identify them for martyrdom and to mark out their presence, similar to the use of the Star of David by the Nazis.

Video of liberated Karemlash and Qaraqosh, March 18, 2017: