The Three R’s for Casting Out Demons, Rejected by Family for My Catholic Faith, and More Great Links!

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Burnt Out Candles Photo
Burnt Out Candles Photo (photo: Tito Edwards / freestocks-photos from Pixabay / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

The Three R’s for Casting Out Demons – Monsignor Stephen J. Rossetti, D.Min., D.D., Ph.D., at +1

“I am Being Rejected by My Family because I am Zealous for the Catholic Faith” - Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith +1

Humility Is the Remedy for Evil – Father Cajetan Mary da Bergamo, O.F.M., at Tan·Direction Blog

Early Roman Christian Sarcophagi from the Age of Constantine – Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal

When the Least of These Become the Most - Cynthia Millen at Catholic Stand

The Role of the Blessed Mother in Salvation History – Jenny DuBay at Missio Dei

Where There Will be Wailing and Grinding of Teeth – Kat Larson at Ignitum Today

The Dangers of Witchcraft: Spirits in a Witch’s Home – Charles D. Fraune at Slaying Dragons Blog

Awakening From Racial Prejudice – Bob Blundell at Catholic Stand

A Catholic Approach to American Politics - Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity

Who is the Gray Apostle? - Edward J. Barr at Roma Locuta Est

Unfinished Business of Vatican II – Father John Hunwicke at Mutual Enrichment

Pontiff: Grandmother of the West, Invoked and Then Blasts at “Traditionalists” – Fr. Z’s Blog

Another Chaotic Airline Presser - Douglas Farrow, Ph.D., at The Catholic World Report

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