The Pro-Life Plank in the Trump Platform: Yes, It's Still There

“The Administration will act to ... protect innocent human life from conception to natural death, including the most defenseless and those Americans with disabilities.”

(photo: Register Files)

Was President-elect Donald J. Trump lying to us about being “pro-life” just to get our vote? That's the charge being levied by some on social media, who insist that it was all a ruse. “See?” say the cynics. “He lied about being pro-life. He's already deleted that plank from his platform!”

Actually, insists another writer, that never actually appeared on his website—although he was clear in his speeches and interviews that he is pro-life and that, if elected, he intended to end Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, and work to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Who's right? Have concerned pro-life Americans—those who were reviled by Secretary Clinton's unabashed support for abortion and her close ties to Planned Parenthood—been duped into voting for a con man who will say whatever you want to hear?

It's an important question; so I contacted Joseph Cella, a friend of mine who serves on Donald Trump's Catholic Advisory Board, to get the inside scoop. No, Joe assured me; President-elect Trump is definitely pro-life. There are so many changes now—the website was, after all, the campaign website and will be replaced as Trump assumes the presidency. The site is in flux and some things may have been removed, but that would not be an indication of a change in the president-elect's political position. And the Trump campaign office explains, in response to inquiries: “The website was temporarily redirecting all specific press pages to the homepage. It is currently being addressed and will be fixed shortly.”

Meanwhile, President-elect Trump has a new website,, which should reassure concerned Catholics that the next administration will be on their side. The site is still in development, and there will certainly be many issues addressed in the weeks ahead. For now, though, you may want to read the Healthcare section, available in the pull-down menu under the “Making America Great Again” tab. (Click “Making America Great Again,” then click “Government for the People Again.” There it is!)

It's evident that the Affordable Care Act will be in Trump's sights as the moving vans pull up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Trump discusses the need to repeal the ACA and replace it with a new plan that focuses on choice, quality and affordability. The new plan will include  health savings accounts and will permit consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines. Further, Trump plans to work with Congress and the states to re-establish high risk pools. But you can read about that here.

Addressing the matter of religious liberty and protection of life, Trump states:

The Administration recognizes that the problems with the U.S. healthcare system did not begin with—and will not end with the repeal of—the ACA. With the assistance of Congress and working with the States, as appropriate, the Administration will act to:

  • Protect individual conscience in healthcare.
  • Protect innocent human life from conception to natural death, including the most defenseless and those Americans with disabilities.

 Take heart, pro-life Americans. Our voices have been heard.