Rosary Resurgence

Praying the Rosary was widely ridiculed by self-described “Catholic progressives” in the years immediately following the Second Vatican Council.

According to such critics, the Rosary was an outdated and meaningless relic of an earlier age of Catholic faith.

People who prayed the Rosary regularly always knew that such criticism was completely wrong-headed, and the post-conciliar popes confirmed the Rosary’s central place in a healthy Catholic prayer life.

According to data gleaned from Google searches, lay Catholics around the globe appear to agree.

In a post on Monday, the St. Robert Bellarmine’s Blog reported that the “Google Adwords Analytic Tool estimates over 1.5 million monthly web searches include the term Rosary.”

Comments St. Robert Bellarmine’s Blog about the Google Rosary rush, “This trend shocks many as the 1960s witnessed a strong push to be a more ‘modern Church’ and saw this antiquated devotion as ‘past its prime.’”

The blog entry notes that the biggest number of “Rosary” searches occurs in October, the month the Church dedicates in a special way to promoting the Rosary. It also lists the seven most popular rosaries, in terms of Google searches.

“While contemplating your New Year Resolutions, how about making one that will improve your spiritual life while building up the Body of Christ,” advises the Catholic blog. “Pray the Rosary daily.”

— Tom McFeely