New and Necessary Book, Sacred Art is Triumph of Beauty and Truth, Advice for Transgender, and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

A New & Necessary Book by Jason Craig, Editor of Those Catholic Men ☩ James Baxter of Those Catholic Men +1

Sacred Art is the Triumph of Beauty & Truth  K.V. Turley of Catholic Exchange

Advice for Transgender ‘Free Spirits’  Michael Cook of Mercatornet

The Catholic Card Game, Review  Alex R. Hey of epicPew

Boston Manor in London: Harmonious Proportion Exemplified  David Clayton of New Liturgical Movement

Remote Indian Village in Arunachal Pradesh Gets Region’s Biggest Church ☩ Vatican News

Communist Chinese Police Force Pregnant Christian Woman to Have Abortion  Piao Junying of Bitter Winter

Overwhelming Joy & the New Ark of the Covenant  Mark C. McCann of Catholic Stand

When the Church is Silent, We Support the Killing of the Vulnerable  the Human Life Review

Science in the Unmaking  David Warren of The Catholic Thing

Pope Francis Appoints a New Bishop to the Diocese of Clogher, Ireland  Vatican News

On Being Catholic Modern  James Matthew Wilson of The Catholic Thing

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