Netflix ‘The Keepers’: Exploiting a Nuns Murder; Letting Go and Letting God; and More!

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Netflix’s ‘The Keepers’: Agenda-Driven Filmmaking Exploits a Nun’s Murder – David F. Pierre Jr.,

“Letting Go and Letting God”: Dealing with Disappointment – Alaine DeSantis, Catholic Stand

Using the Means at Hand for Spiritual Growth – Fr. Joseph Koterski S.J., Homiletic & Pastoral Review

This Zealous Wisconsin Missionary Heard Confessions for 14 Hours a Day – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia

Why Telling Your Story Improves Your Fundraising (Dramatically) – Brice Sokolowski,

Why I Love Being Catholic: Part I & Part II – Cecily Lowe, Catholic Stand

Did Pope Francis Insult Some Young Priests? Fr. Z Opines and Tells a Story – Fr. Z’s Blog

I’m Thankful ‘Born Gay’ Wasn’t Yet a Dogma When I Looked for Help – Joseph Sciambra

Cardinal Sarah and the Ordinariate Rite – Fr. John Hunwicke, Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment

Pope Francis vs. America’s Gay Lobby – Jim Russell, The Catholic World Report

Can America Become the New Poland? - Fr. Richard Heilman, Roman Catholic Man

Game of (Thrones) Rationalizations – One Mad Mom

lit: Catholicism for Young Adults – T.J. Burdick O.P., Dominican Institute

Holy Tattoo! A 700-year old Christian Tradition Thrives in Jerusalem – Catholic News Agency via The Catholic World Report

Some Nasty Remark About Converts, Wherein Fr. Z Rants – Fr. Z’s Blog

On Embroidered English Church Kneelers – Joanna Bogle, The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report

The Ancient, Secular Reason Why Saints are Shown with Halos – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia

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Representing the Holy Spirit that descended “like a dove” and hovered over Jesus when he was baptized.

Bishop Burbidge: The Pandemic is Our ‘Pentecost Moment’

This “21st century Pentecost moment” brought on by the pandemic, Bishop Michael Burbidge said, has underscored the need for good communication in the Church across all forms of media, in order to invite people into the fullness of the Gospel.