My Most Dubious Review…Evah?

I…I don't know what I was thinking. Is this really how Finding Nemo goes?

Last week I went to the NET studio to shoot a batch of "Reel Faith" 60-second reviews, and while I don't quite remember one that went exactly like this, it's all such a blur now. I can't deny that I really said all these things. Am I slipping so soon after going on semi-hiatus for my diaconal studies?

I suppose I have alert reader Victor to thank for highlighting this lapse in critical acumen on his YouTube channel and keeping me humble. In addition to being the Catholic blogosphere's MVC (most valuable commenter), he's also a very funny guy. I hear he has mad digital studio skillz, too. Hm. 

P.S. My latest 60-second reviews for Frankenweenie, Looper and Hotel Transylvania are available in my last blog post, along with one other. A Pixar movie, I think.