I Called The DOJ Today- So Should You!

I just called the Department of Justice today. I have never done anything like this before but I felt compelled.

You see, it was all over the news yesterday that the DOJ had set up a special hotline number and an email address to report potential civil rights violations by the government!

Finally, I thought. Finally the government is willing to listen to us ordinary citizens whose God-given rights are being trampled and ignored in favor of the government's misguided and over-zealous policy initiatives.

No. I am not an illegal alien. But if the government has its way, I am soon to be an illegal Catholic. This because I refuse to be intimidated by and to comply with government agencies that try to force me to buy things the violate my religious beliefs.

So thought it was a great thing that at least one part of the government is concerned about civil rights violations by other parts of the government, so I called.

I am not sure exactly what the answer I received means, but I am sure my religious liberty will be restored soon. The answer I got was cryptic but encouraging. "Mailbox is full." I am sure that thousands of other abused Catholics got the same idea and called the civil rights abuse hotline at 1-855-353-1010. But just in case, I think you should call it too just so they get the message.

If you cannot get through, do like I did and send them a follow up mail at [email protected]

    My Civil Rights Are Being Violated

    FROM: Disgruntled Catholic

    TO: [email protected]

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012 11:38 AM

    Dear DOJ,

    I am so grateful that you are concerned enough about civil rights violations by an out of control government to set up a hotline and this email mailbox.

    I am sure you are not aware of it (or you would certainly have done something by now) but there are departments in your own government that are trampling on the rights of law abiding citizens for no other reason than they are Catholic!

    Can you imagine?

    They are trying to make us buy something that violates our consciences and that our Church has taught for over 2,000 years is an intrinsic moral evil. Moreover, they want us to pay for (and thus subsidize) drugs that actually kill unborn children in the womb! I know, right?

    Anyway, I am glad I have this opportunity to report these egregious violations of God-given and constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. I look forward to your swift action to remedy the situation now that you know about it.


    Patrick Archbold

    Citizen of the United States & Catholic

    (And I will never choose between the two!)

I am sure they would love to hear from you citizens concerned about your civil rights.

If you do, why not CC me on your mails at [email protected] and perhaps I will follow up with a story on some of the more creative ones.

Since the government is now so concerned about civil rights, show them that you are too, won't you?