How’s This For Pro-Life?

A young Catholic couple in County Tyrone are giving a remarkable pro-life witness.

Reports the Belfast Telegraph:

The parents of Northern Ireland’s only sextuplets have not ruled out having more children.

Austin and Nuala Conway from Dunamore in Co Tyrone became the proud parents of six bundles of joy last month.

Ursula, Austin, Shannon, Karla, Eoghan and Kerrie all entered the world — in that order — on May 22.

They are the first set of six to be born in Ireland and the second set to be born in the UK.

And while the thought of six babies would be enough to put most parents off the idea of having more children, proud mum Nuala has not ruled it out.

“If God blesses us with more children then we will love and cherish them,” the 26-year-old new mum told the Daily Express.

Note Nuala Conway’s response? Unqualified joy at the gift of six new human lives, not angst over the inevitable hardships that will be involved in raising the sextuplets, who were conceived naturally.

The Conways rejected medical advice to abort some of their unborn children. But don’t go thinking they are completely naïve about the difficulties they’ll face:

New father Austin said he knew the next couple of years would be hard on both himself and his wife however they would just take it all in their stride.

“Having one child makes a relationship strong so having six will bring us even closer,” he said.