Good Fridays: From Vegas to Austin and the Day of the Nose

Here’s some good stuff going on in the Church (that has mostly to do with New Media):

Facing the Choice and $250k - Here’s a cool pro-life, unplanned pregnancy project in the running to win $250k of funding. They just need your votes. Please go and support them.

Catholic ‘Tube Answers - Catholic Answers ( just started a new YouTube channel. It’s mostly a lot of clips from their outstanding radio program. It will be really cool to have such great Catholic radio clips at our fingertips and so easily embedded and shared across the web. Sweet move, Catholic Answers.

BlogWorld - The world’s largest social media conference, BlogWorld, is going to be happening in Vegas next week. I know this isn’t a Catholic event. But shouldn’t it be? When are we going to start having a really solid Catholic showing at BlogWorld every year? For real. If I’m able, I’m gonna make next year’s conference. Anyone else wanna go?

Catholic Media in Austin - “Austin CatholicMedia” had their first meeting this week in Austin. It sounds like it went really well. They have a new website coming too. And I hope they can help show the way for many other local Catholic Media groups to come!  Gettin ‘er done in my home state of Texas!

Pop Goes Catholicism - I recently found a neat ministry called “Pop Goes Catholicism” that is dedicated to finding connections to Catholic truth within popular media. I especially like how the episodes are 9 minutes or less. I’m a big fan of really short podcasts that pack a lot of info into a short time.

Why Should Catholics use New Media? - I posted a new video on the flockNote blog about why parishes should use New Media (and flockNote). It might be helpful as something easy and quick to share with your parish leaders.

Do we need “Quality” Catholic New Media? - In a recent episode of the Catholic Roundup, Sean McGaughey and Greg Willits talk about the need for “quality” in Catholic new media. It’s worth a listen.

Lino Rulli Day - Somehow Sept. 29 was declared “Lino Rulli (The Catholic Guy) Day” in the Twin Cities. I’m sure he deserves it. I just don’t know why (J/k). Congrats, Lino!

CatholicTV Magazine - CatholicTV launched a new online digital magazine this week.

Have a good Friday and a great weekend!

Good Fridays is a periodic series highlighting some good things going on in the Church - especially those using new media or innovative ideas to more effectively live out the mission of the Church.