Exclusive Photos of the Pro Life Movement, On Marijuana and Validity of Marriage, and More Links!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

Pro-Life Pic
Pro-Life Pic (photo: Jeffrey Burno via Aleteia)

Exclusive Photos: What No One Wants You to Know about the Pro-Life Movement  Jeffrey Bruno of Aleteia +1

Quæritur: Marijuana & Validity of Marriage  Fr. Z's Blog

A Brief to the People: A Response to David Warren's Appeal for a Daily Latin Newspaper  Daniel Gallagher of The Catholic Thing

An Act of Spiritual Malfeasance Against St. John of the Cross  Fr. Nicholas Blackwell, O. Carm., of Catholic Stand

Mary, a Queen of Another Kind  Steve Weidenkopf of Catholic Answers Magazine

Sorrow & Coming to Terms With Darkness  Janet Meyer of Catholic Stand

Is Missing Mass Okay Because of Bad Weather? 3 Things to Consider, According to This Parish Priest  ChurchPOP

Walk on Water  Kat Larson, Ignitum Today

The Lazy & Hateful Gray Lady Targets Christian Schools  Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D., of Crisis Magazine

How the New New York Abortion Law Doesn’t Change Things, & How It Does  Philip Lawler of Catholic Culture

People Who are Religiously Active are Happier, More Civically Engaged  Joe Carter of PowerBlog

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