Christian College Could Lose Accreditation. Guess Why

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges recently announced that they were giving Gordon College, a Christian institution, one year to "review" its policies regarding homosexuality or face losing its accreditation.

These bureaucratic bullies say that the college may be in violation of accreditation standards because of its view that homosexual behavior is a sin and prohibited on campus. The NEASC is demanding that the college review its policy and submit a report to "ensure that the College’s policies and procedures are non-discriminatory."

So now the college has formed a committee to "review" its policy. In a statement that both the NEASC and Gordon College released together, they labeled this process a “period of discernment."

Barbara Brittingham, the president of the NEASC, said they allowed this period because she understands that Gordon College's policy is "deeply embedded in the culture of the college" and those kinds of things "don't change overnight." That comment tells you all you need to know about exactly what the NEASC expects, doesn't it? The group is giving the college a year to overturn thousands of years of Christian teaching.

How understanding of them.

Now, this all started going sideways for Gordon College when the president of the college signed a public letter along with various other religious leaders urging the Obama administration to allow for a religious exemption from an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation.

This isn't the first instance of bullying against the college either. In fact, just a few days after the president signed that letter the mayor of Salem, Mass., terminated a contract with the College which had allowed it to use the city’s town hall. She also called the college's policy to be “hurtful and offensive.”

The message is clear -if a Christian college stands for Christian principles it must be shunned, stripped of respectability, and forced to adapt. If it refuses, it must be destroyed. Anyone familiar with the story of Jesus will find familiar themes.

Anyone seeing a pattern here? This is quite in line with the way the Obama administration has dealt with religious institutions such as pulling funding to Catholic organizations because of their refusal to fund abortion and also forcing religious institutions to provide contraceptive coverage for employees.

Persecution takes many forms. Early Christians faced lions, Now, the lions form committees, speak through smiles, and are always hungry for more. Always.

*I edited out the word "government" before bullying as that referred to things I edited out earlier.

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