"Cardinal Dolan Denies Catholics Entry at Cathedral Because of Dirty Hands"

See that headline? It is the disingenuous creation of self-important anti-Catholic protestors.

Joseph Amodeo writes at the Huffington Post about the "raw emotions" of being "denied a seat at Christ's table" and how as a result he feels "disowned, abandoned, and lost. "

Oh the melodrama of it all.

See, Joey and nine of his pals protested at St. Patrick's Cathedral in favor of gay rights. There protest signs were their dirty hands. This junior high tactic was in response to Cardinal Dolan's column last week in which he said that LGBT people were welcome in the church so long as they washed their hands. In otherwords, everybody who wants to be there for the right and respectful reasons is welcome.

So Joey and his pals marched to the Cathedral where they were told they could not go inside unless they washed their hands. Remember, their dirty hands were their protest signs. So they were denied entry to mass with their protest signs. If they dropped the signs (washed their hands) they would be welcome. If you bring your protest inside, you will get arrested.

Joey then goes into hyperbolic melodrama overdrive.

In response to the Archdiocese's threat of arrest, we opted to remain outside where we stood in silent vigil with our palms turned out facing toward the main doors of Cathedral. As the start of the Mass drew near, the temporary steel doors that mark the front of the Cathedral while the original doors are refurbished, seemed to be symbolically appropriate. The cold steel and the means by which the doors closed as we stood outside seem now to capture well the chill that we felt from the Cathedral's staff as well as the Cardinal. Our peaceful presence was responded to with a resounding "you are not welcome." As someone who was reared Roman Catholic from the moment of birth, I have always known the Church and its community of believers to be a place of welcome and affirmation. When I came out as a gay man, my childhood priest and the leadership of my hometown parish stood beside and supported me. Today, this childhood experience of "church" stands in stark contrast to the cold and heartless response of the Archdiocese of New York and Cardinal Dolan to our presence at the Cathedral earlier today.

Now Joey is whining about how unwelcoming the Church is these days and that it caused him to question his faith.

The other day, I posted on my Facebook page that in the wake of the Cardinal's recent false welcome, I stand at a crossroad in my faith journey; however, I realize now that it is not I who stands at this crossroad, but rather the Cardinal himself. He stands at point at which he can choose to see the inherent dignity present in all people or to follow a path laid with judgment and accusation.

Sorry, Mr. Amodeo, mass is not a place for protest.

The rule protects the mass from people like you. No, not gay people, but disruptive and self-centered adolescents who reject genuine dignity that comes from God while claiming to seek it in most undignified ways.

It is not the Church that rejected you, Mr. Amodeo, but you who rejected it.

Now wash your hands, go inside, and say you are sorry. You're welcome.

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