St. Joseph Transformed My Husband’s Spiritual Life, and More!

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Man in the Clouds
Man in the Clouds (photo: Baggeb / Pixabay/CC0)

St. Joseph Transformed My Husband’s Spiritual Life – Constance T. Hull at Catholic Exchange +1

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Aquinas and the Problem of Evil – Edward Feser, Ph.D.

The Face of Christ as the Son of God – Christina M. Sorrentino at Ignitum Today

The Seven Sorrows of the Modern Church – Veil of Veronica

Truth Without Love and Love Without Truth – Father Nathaniel Dreyer at Catholic Stand

Unhealthy Motivations Cause Unhealthy Responses – One Mad Mom

Linguistic Machinations – Fr. Z’s Blog

On Banning the Tridentine Liturgy, and Selling the Edsel –

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