Being a Husband Means...

My wife and I recently celebrated our fiteenth anniversary. So I thought I'd share the sum total of my marital wisdom with you. Being a husband means...

...Shamelessly holding her pocketbook in public places while she tries something on.

...Redecorating your living room. For no apparent reason.

...Being told that your favorite outfit doesn't actually match. Not even close.

...Surprise footrubs. And by surprise footrubs I mean, all of a sudden like she plops her dogs on your lap and complains how much they hurt. You get the subtle hint.

...Not being surprised when she asks, "Wait, haven't you seen this John Wayne movie before?"

...Finding out "love, honor and obey" doesn't mean what you think it means.

...Listening to your wife tell you everything she ate that day even when your team is at 4th and inches. Actually listening.

...Toilet seats down.

...Being constantly asked, "What are you thinking?" and then explaining, "No really, I was wondering what I'd do if someone came in with a flamethrower."

...Sometimes you actually have to dust under the books.

...caring about her more than you care about being right. Even though you're totally and completely right.

...Watching "The Notebook" and actually having to stay awake because you know she's going to want to talk about it after.

...Trying to make yourself better to live up to the way she sees you.

...Understanding that what you said or did in 1992 is just as relevant as what you said or did yesterday. Maybe more so.

...means praying with her and for her.