Atheist Converts to Catholicism, What Kind of Online Muppet Catholic Are You, and More Great Links!

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No Longer an Atheist: Activist Kaitlin Bennett Announces Conversion to Catholic Faith – Jacqueline Burkepile at ChurchPOP +1

What Kind of Online Catholics the Muppets are, Knee Jerk Reactions Only – John Herreid via Twitter +1

On The Perpetual Virginity Of Mary and The Limits Of “The Chosen” – Father Matthew MacDonald at Catholic Spiritual Direction

Defeating the Enemy: Men’s Group in London, Mary Magdalen Men’s Association – Father Z’s Blog

Spiritual Companions – Jacqueline St. Clare at Catholic Stand

What Do You Think of Poetry? – John Paul Sonnen at Tan Direction Blog

A Collection of Sepulchral Monuments – Shawn Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal

How Not to Talk About Pornography as a Catholic – Adam A.J. DeVille, Ph.D., at Catholic World Report

The Word, the Lamb, or the Bridegroom? – Jacqueline St. Clare at Catholic Stand

God vs. Muhammad vs. Joseph Smith – Michael J. Carzon at Catholic365

Who Will Have the Synodality Synod’s Ear? – Paul Krause at Crisis Magazine

Experts Now Believe Sodom was Destroyed by a Meteor – J.P. Mauro at Aleteia

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