5 Reasons to Attend SEEK22 This Weekend

The Fellowship of Catholic University Students remote event is Feb. 4-6.

‘Seek22’ will feature edifying talks.
‘Seek22’ will feature edifying talks. (photo: Courtesy of https://seek.focus.org/)

The annual Fellowship of Catholic University Students event is Feb. 4-6.

1. Sister of Life Bethany Madonna is speaking. Sister Bethany has such a heart for moms and babies.

2. Father Mike Schmitz, The Bible in a Year-podcasting priest, is also on the schedule. (Check out his past talk: “The Hour That Will Change Your Life,” the most-popular FOCUS talk ever.)

Watch his March for Life 2022 talk as a preview, too:

3. You can also hear from youth speaker Mari Pablo, who has a pro-life heart.

4. You can listen when you can: It’s flexible, with live and prerecorded content. Check out the schedule for all the speakers, from Lila Rose to Ryan Anderson (and learn how small groups can be planned within your parish or family and friends or on campus so you can participate together). Here’s how to register.

5. If last year’s event was any indication, you will be blessed by taking time to reflect upon and renew your faith.